Emotional Intelligence is the most amazing modality, and so much more than we even know. It is energetics. It is the things we can not see, but we can feel. And it is measurable because it is frequency. And the higher that is, the more magnetism of LIKE things we will receive. Money. Connection. Alignment. Flow. Calm. Ease.

Low EQ? Misery, sadness, frustration, push-back. Confusion. Overwhelm.

Emotional Intelligence, also known as EQ, is the ability to be aware of your own emotions and those of others in the moment, and then use that to manage yourself and others with calm and ease.

E-motional Intelligence is made up of 26 competencies, including but not limited to: Self-Awareness, Integrity, Communication, Empathy, Building Bonds, Identifying Triggers, and so many more. It is the starting point for Self-Awareness. With these tools, people are able to recognize their own behaviors by looking inward. This is the most important modality for adults and children as it is the start of deeper work to clear trauma and bring peace and alignment to your life.

“Beyond EQ’s Steph & Aasha delivered an informative, engaging and practical team building EQ workshop. It was a great reminder to our team that prioritizing self care and mental health is essential, particularly in the demanding and busy profession of early childhood education. I highly recommend their EQ workshop – the benefits your team will gain from them is invaluable. Thanks Steph & Aasha!”

Sunita, Director at Childcare Center

Labeling and understanding e-motions is crucial as you grow, so that you can remain calm and make decisions from a place of peace and not with an e-motional charge on the back end of that decision. It takes the e-motion out of the decision making. The Ripple Effect this has on children from schools and the workplace is so powerful. I am beyond thrilled to share this message with everyone who will listen. We are at a pivotal time of growth within our human race – especially because we all suffer from an overload of external information. Coming back inward makes YOU the source of information. And it brings you the peace you deserve now without expectations on yourself or others.
For companies and learning institutions, I offer one-day and two-day workshops. The agenda is bespoke and based on the pain points and needs of your organization. I create each workshop based on a consultation meeting.
“Thank you! I’m feeling so amazing. I appreciate the things you are doing, it’s life changing.”
Rebecca C.

I am available for speaking events based on the timing of your event and my availability. If you’d like to learn more, about private sessions, workshops, or speaking events, please email us at connect@aashatinternational.com.

Custom Full-Emerging Executive Training Available

I have the most comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Program for Executives and Leaders within Organizations and Learning Institutions. Custom made and as if we are part of the team to drive revenue and sales while creating deep connections that matter.
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