I’ve been honored to work with and guide others on the path of healing. It’s important for you to know from others what kind of insights and forever results you can expect from me and my courses.

“The work that I have done with Aasha has transformed my life. After countless previous attempts, Aasha offered a different approach; healing from the inside. I no longer seek to place blame. I am calm, happy, free, and lighter. My dependencies and anxiety have vanished. I am a better leader, a better friend, and a better partner. I can’t recommend the Aasha T. Healing Method enough – for anyone seeking personal development.”

Kendra GM

“Aasha has changed my world! With her super intelligence, incredible guidance and spiritual teachings, she has gotten to the root causes of my behaviors that no one has ever been able to go deep enough to facilitate lasting change for me. Her innate ability to connect with people in such a way that inspires change with support and ease is beyond compare. I will never be the same again and for that I am truly grateful and excited for the changes I experience today and what is to come going forward! I encourage anyone looking for a better life, whether it be self love, personal power, better relationships with partners, children and other important people in your life, she will teach you that energy is everything and the life that we are meant to live is only healing steps away. Everything that we have been trained to worry about we learn to love those parts of ourselves and watch them come much more gracefully when we shift our energy field to love. Doing this work will forever be the reason that I have been able to manifest more success, love and peace than I ever thought imaginable. Love you Aasha, you’re amazing!”

Melissa Bering, Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer
“Self-worth warriors, 8-week program, was amazing. I had so many profound shifts. It enabled me to see patterns that I had from my childhood and past generations that were showing up in my life and being repeated. I felt a shift in myself with confidence, stepping into my light, accepting my shadows, and loving myself more deeply. I was also able to build my compassion and understanding for those around me that once triggered me and come more from a place of love. It has also enabled me to start being less affected by the world around me…coming from a place of peace and neutrality. Thank you so much Aasha and StaceyAnn for your real, and authentic coaching and allowing me to grow further into the true essence of myself without fear or guilt.”
Sandra Santoro, Women’s Health & Mindset Coach
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