For a deeper and personalized dive into self and healing, I offer a custom-crafted program that allows us to remedy your core wounds and profoundly bring you back to self. I see instant changes in my clients in just a matter of weeks. My work is equivalent to years of talk therapy as each session offers energetic healing. “Thoughts would come… totally neutrality, zero emotions. Today, a weezy cough reminded me to go for a drive to yell it out, was singing later in the day and felt such peace. I think I can sing. Thank you!” – Ian Hawkins Please note: I am only able to take two clients per two-month period.

“I learned so much about energy vibrations and emotional intelligence. I am super excited to continue learning! This has been life changing!”

Nancy Murphy
“Thank you! I’m feeling so amazing. I appreciate the things you are doing, it’s life changing.”
Rebecca C.
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