Meeting your Inner King for Deeper Feminine Flow.

The common misconception is that we need to be masculine in order to be successful. Absolutely not. Our super power is our endless love & wild nature. Emotional Intelligence meets the Divine Feminine. Harnessed energy for the most beautiful dance.

Expansion. The natural next-step on your journey. You feel the pull to go deeper in and address that desire to flow in all your feminine power.

You may have had a wake up call from a Twin Flame, a soul tie, a divorce or something similar that has created a ripple effect for your healing journey. You may just be continuing slowly on the path of healing. And you crave knowledge and access to your relationship with money, love and your alignment of your soul’s desires.

“Thank you! I’m feeling so amazing. I appreciate the things you are doing, it’s life changing.”
Rebecca C.

Meeting your Inner King for Deeper Feminine Flow.

  • A very focused deep dive into the shadow aspect of the masculine and the unlocking of codes that will change you forever through just one transmission 
  • A plethora of Emotional Intelligence skills that will increase your internal frequency and expand you in ways that are beyond your current ability, fully preparing you for massive amounts of abundance 
  • Amazing guest healers and speakers who are bringing their own unique magic to the show to stretch you in the most-gentle of ways and continue to unlock codes for you that take you on the path of your Museship.  The making of The King Maker.

Expansion is designed to bring you there. For the woman who is starting to familiarize herself with the understanding of masculine and feminine energy within, who wants to step deeper in and remain in a state of calm, ease and receiving.

We, as women, often find ourselves anxious and overwhelmed. Unable to access the true nature of our devotion and our receiving. These codes run deep and are very powerful when unlocked.

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